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Pricing and features

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Daily view


Current moon phase, time of entry into the next moon phase
Photographic view of the moon the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
Current sign of the zodiac (ascending/descending), time of entry into the upcomming sign
Calculation of the Voic of Course -
Calculation of sunrise / sunset and moonrise / moonset for individual location -
Text about the day quality for all 48 combinations of moon phase and signs of the zodiac -
Browse function to quickly switch between day views (yesterday, today, tomorrow, zodiac change) -
Date selection for any day in the supported period -
PDF export for any day in the supported time period -


Body regions (according to the zodiac) with alternative care tips and yoga exercises
Info about elements (fire, earth, water, air) -
Information on qualities (heat, cold, water, light) -
Information on plant parts (roots, flowers, fruits, leaves) -
Information on nutrition (fat/oil, carbohydrates, protein, salt) -


7 main categories (household, garden, nutrition, personal care, hair care, health, DIY)
More than 90 activities
More than 350 helpful texts, categorized as very good, good and unsuitable -

Monthly view / search

Monthly view of the moon phases and signs of the zodiac
Exact times of the zodiac change and the full and new moon phase -
Display of days with retrograde Mercury -
Search of very good, good and bad suitable days for all activities -
Date export of activities to the calendar -
Quick view of a calendar day -
Month view as list or as calendar grid -
Export of monthly views as PDF (1 month or 1 week per sheet) -


Biorhythm individually adjustable for any date of birth -
Create, save, edit, delete unlimited biorhythms -
Compare two biorhythms with each other -
Calculation as sinusoidal curves -
Calculation of asymmetric curves -
Additional curve: average -
Secondary Curves: Spiritual, Intuition, Awareness, Aesthetics -
Export function (Android: JPG without text, iOS: PDF with text) -

Moon phases

Calculation of all moon phases (full moon, new moon, half moon) for one year (scrolling per year possible) -
Export of all moon phases as PDF document -

Retrograde Mercury

Calculation of all phases of the retrograde Mercury for one year (scrolling per year possible) -
Export of time periods as PDF document -


The most important information of the day as widgets (Android only: 3 different sizes) -
Widget for one biorhythm (Android only) -


No ads
Short guide and information on almost all topics
Multilingualism: German and English

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