Are you looking for a lunar calendar app?

  • With minute exact calculation of all moon phases, sign changes and Void of Course? 
  • With biorhythm, moonyoga, retrograde Mercury and complete monthly overview?
  • With rise and set of sun and moon?
  • With great design?



Don't look any further!

MoonWorx is your perfect companion. You will receive all above mentioned features and many more information about the current daily quality. Read daily tips for nearly 100 activities categorized into 7 categories (household, garden, nutrition, body care, hair care, health, DIY), which you can also plan wonderfully with the monthly view. 

MoonWorx is one of the few moon calendars, which can calculate the sign change after tropical or sidereal zodiac or after Maria Thun. The latter is mainly known for gardening with the moon.

The biorhythm calculates your personal high and low phases for body, mind and soul, as well as for the secondary biorhythms aesthetics, intuition, consciousness and spirituality. In addition to the well-known symmetrical sinusoidal curves, the biorhythm can also be calculated asymmetrically according to Paungger and Poppe. 

Last but not least, a small guide contains additional information about the moon, biorhythm, moon phases, Void of Course, zodiac signs, elements, as well as functional instructions for the app.